CITV Memories – Reboot.

Reboot (CITV, 1995-1997)

Reboot was one of my favourite CITV shows in the mid-90s. It was a show of Canadian origin that was set in a futuristic world and it was one of the earliest shows where the animation was completely computer-generated which looked very impressive at the time. vlcsnap-00338

The main character in the show was Bob. He was the Guardian of the mainframe, protecting people from threats. He also had a thing on his arm called Glitch which would come to his aid when he was in trouble, and he used to enjoy flying around on his hoverboard to come to the rescue. vlcsnap-00339

There was also his friend Dot Matrix (do you see?!) who owned her own diner and would often get involved in Bob’s schemes. She had a much younger brother called Enzo who hero-worshipped Bob and wanted to be a Guardian like him when he was older. He also had a dog called Frisket. vlcsnap-00343

Later in the series they introduced Mouse, a rather feisty character who had a sword and was always calling people “sugar” and winking at them. She also had purple skin and orange hair and was very good at hacking and flying a spaceship. vlcsnap-00342

The main baddies were the virus Megabyte, who was later upgraded to the more powerful Gigabyte, plus his twin sister Hexadecimal who was very odd and always wore a mask which expressed her current mood. vlcsnap-00340

There were also a few other main characters including the elderly Phong, crazy robots Hack and Slash, a TV called Mike and Enzo’s friend Andraia. I also remember being amused by a scene where rather randomly a penguin was walking along the street among the robots that looked like the one in Wallace & Gromit In The Wrong Trousersvlcsnap-00337

There were some very good episodes including a parody of The X Files for which Gillian Anderson was a guest voice. I remember really enjoying the second series of Reboot, including the exciting penultimate episode, and having an agonising wait to discover the climax of the series a week later. vlcsnap-00336

After enjoying that, there was about a year until CITV began series three which I had been really looking forward to and I was really pleased to see it back on the screen. But then, suddenly, about halfway through the third series, CITV dropped Reboot. It seems that there were concerns about the increasingly violent plots of the show so they just stopped showing it. I was surprised to discover later that there was a fourth series made that CITV didn’t show at all. After all that excitement and I never even found out how it all ended. vlcsnap-00345

Reboot was also one of the earliest shows to frequently use internet/computing terminology and there were lots of references to things like the net, sprites and binary sneaked into the show. I do remember there being some Reboot merchandise released at the time too and it had good ratings. vlcsnap-00344

There was a wonderfully strange range of characters, great plots and I always enjoyed watching the show. It seems that there have been several campaigns for there to be another series of Reboot or even a film, but I would be pleased if it came out on DVD to relive those days again.

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