CBBC Memories – The Nelly Nut Show.

The Nelly Nut Show (CBBC, 2003-2005)

Here is my first review of an obscure children’s TV show that I remember watching and want to share my memories of that isn’t a Saturday Morning show.

In The Simpsons episode “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show”, Homer becomes the voice of a cartoon character. “Will this episode be going to air live?” Homer asks his co-star. “No, very few cartoons go to air live, it’s a tremendous strain on the animator’s wrist” is the reply. And yet, The Nelly Nut Show was to some extent a live cartoon, which was one of the things that I found fascinating about it.

The Nelly Nut Show (sometimes called Nelly Nut Live) ran every weekday on the CBBC Channel for a couple of years. Seemingly using the same technology as Tricky which I wrote about yesterday, some people provided the voices and the characters responded by animating which I thought was rather clever. vlcsnap-00142

As well as Nelly there were also a bizarre bunch of characters on the show, including Nelly’s best friend Miss Nelly who was a teddy bear who said “all the best!” all the time in an exaggerated Welsh accent which was odd. The other characters were really strange though, including Ray, Annoying Amy, Hyper, Rosemary, and Buck-Buck. nelly3

One of the features on the show was “Natter With The Nutters” where a caller would be turned one of an odd variety of characters and then Nelly would have a stilted conversation with them along the lines of “did you have a good day at school?” “Yes”. vlcsnap-00143

As this was a live show viewers were encouraged to phone and play interactive games using their touch tone phones to win prizes. You could also send in text messages and emails which could be read out. (No Twitter or Facebook then remember, however did we get through the days?) There would also be some jokes and sketches, and Nelly and Miss Bunny would talk to some of the other characters. Some of the games were rather odd too. vlcsnap-00150

There was Bum Steer where a cow flew through the air and could zap things when viewers pressed the buttons on their phone. There was also the odd Pet Drop and racing game Squeals On Wheels. Remember to keep pressing your buttons! vlcsnap-00146

It wasn’t until the final episode that the full list of credits were shown. Among the names as one of the writers and voice actors was Greg Davies. I am very sure that it is indeed the comedian and comic actor Greg Davies best known for appearing in comedy shows including The Inbetweeners and Man Down. Well we’ve all got to start somewhere I suppose haven’t we. I imagine that Nelly Nut is not on his CV any more. vlcsnap-00151

I always found this show rather amusing and strange to watch, which is why I liked it probably, a good attempt at something different and I can’t believe it ended a decade ago.

One thought on “CBBC Memories – The Nelly Nut Show.

  1. Hi Adam! I enjoyed reading your article about Nelly Nut Live! I worked on the show and provided the voices of Ray Bling, Annoying Amy, Ming (Ray’s dog) and sometimes Hyper. It was an amazing show to work on! You’re correct – Greg Davies got his start on that show. He was as hilarious then as he is now and a thoroughly lovely guy. I’m glad the show gave you some enjoyment. ‘All the Best’, Dian Perry


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