Saturday Morning Memories – Tricky.

Tricky (CITV, 1997)

This was a fairly short-lived show so this part won’t be that long but it did happen and I do have some memories of watching it.

Nothing to do with trip-hop musicians from Bristol, Tricky was different to other Saturday Morning shows in that it didn’t have a host at all. Well, not a human one at least, because Tricky was actually a computer-generated dragon. The show was live so he was voiced by somebody and Tricky moved his mouth in response. vlcsnap-00137

It all sounds very clever but the guy who voiced Tricky had an irritating “way-hey!”-talking style and they only seemed to have made about five frames of animation meaning that Tricky barely moved at all. At least as far as I’m aware he never crashed live on air. vlcsnap-00140

Tricky got off to a tough start. The first episode was on 30 August 1997, and we all know what happened the next day, meaning the planned second episode the following week was cancelled for coverage of Diana’s funeral. Someone also thought along the way that the show might work better with a human host added so none other than Claudia Winkleman was dropped in to host some outside live events where people could play games and win prizes and Tricky would always amusingly get her name wrong. vlcsnap-00136

Among the usual features of cartoons such as Animaniacs and pop videos, one part of the show that I remember was “Tricky Questions”, where our host would ask some pop stars about their latest record and so on. Gary Barlow seemed to turn up a lot at this point. However, the segments with the guests were pre-recorded, and because Tricky was dropped in asking his questions live all the interviews had a rather disjointed style. vlcsnap-00138

Tricky was a one series wonder and left the screen at the end of 1997. Once again unfortunately for CITV they had another flop Saturday Morning show on their hands.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Memories – Tricky.

  1. The dragon (and the cat) got reused on another kid’s channel called Tiny Pop, at some point. He’d introduce both the shows, and the music videos (until the latter was dropped), as well other things, such as talk about upcoming movies. Strangely enough, I’ve got a feeling that this time around, he was called Rory not Tricky, so if this is correct, maybe Rory was supposed to be a new character, but they just reused Tricky rather than create a new character?

    I’m not really sure when this was, but I think it was around 2006 to 2007, roughly. The dragon, has since been dropped from the channel, and now Tiny Pop has no kind of presenter, animated or otherwise.


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