Opening The Comedy Vault.

Something that I am a big fan of and will write about on this blog is TV comedy. I haven’t really uploaded many comedy clips to YouTube because of course unlike adverts lots of comedy shows are commercially available on DVD. But I am a fan of lots of various sitcoms and sketch shows and over the years I have amassed a rather big collection of comedy DVDs.

So one of the things that I will do on here occasionally is take a look at some of the comedy DVDs that I have and explain why I like the shows. I might take a look at a specific episode, or I might reveal some of my favourite characters from a particular show.

Some of the shows that I like are rather famous and what you could call mainstream (what I would describe as a show on BBC1 or ITV before 9pm), and some are more obscure and alternative (what I would describe as a show on BBC2 or Channel 4 after 9pm) but I do like them all, and whether you are familiar with the shows or not I hope to share my enthusiasm and memories of them with you.

I will put my first review of a comedy show on here soon. I will also be writing about some comedy shows that are not out on DVD and why I think that it would be a good idea to see them released. I hope you will look forward to the first time that I open my Comedy Vault…


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