Saturday Morning Memories – The Noise.

The Noise (CITV, 1996)

It’s rather odd now to remember when Andi Peters famously got himself in a right old two-and-eight when he left Live & Kicking and CBBC in 1996 considering that a few months later he was doing the same thing on CITV (hosting a live Saturday Morning show that is, not blubbing thankfully).

For a long time Andi was one of the hosts of CBBC’s music show The O Zone, where he would interview all the latest pop acts among other features on the show. The Noise was taking that idea and expanding on it. It was shown at 11am before The Chart Show and included features where Andi would interview pop stars, and there would also be live performances in the studio plus phone-ins and competitions. As Andi was also the producer it would essentially be his decision as to what groups would appear on the show. vlcsnap-00083

The idea was to try and cover a wide variety of acts who were on the scene, so one minute Andi would be interviewing Boyzone, the next he would be introducing Shed Seven who would play their new single in the studio, then there would be a competition and so on. There was a lot of “stay with me, Let Loose are in the studio next!”-type presentation from Andi. vlcsnap-00081

What with this being a live half-hour show there was a lot to fit in, and although it tried to offer something different to CITV viewers it wasn’t much of a success, and it only lasted one series. One area in which it was pioneering though was that it had an enormous opaque DOG in the corner for the whole of the show. vlcsnap-00079

Andi didn’t seem downhearted though, and he would later become the producer on another pop music programme, but that’s another story…

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