More TV Memories – Top Of The Pops 1989.

I will talk more in the future about how I became interested in Top Of The Pops. But for now, here’s a review of an old episode that I have pulled from the archive. It was first shown on BBC1 on 15 June 1989 and your hosts are Mark Goodier and Simon Parkinvlcsnap-00065

Mark is very pleased to introduce us to Europe’s top TV and radio pop show, partly because it’s in stereo. Mark was a presenter on Radio 1 at the time and I used to enjoy listening to him when he hosted the Top 40 until he left in 2002. Simon is making his debut TOTP appearance. He wasn’t a presenter on Radio 1 but he was a familiar face on Children’s BBC at the time. Now Simon is actually following me on Twitter so I have nothing else to say about him apart from what a thoroughly terrific bloke he is and if you wondering what he up to nowadays, he now hosts the weather on ITV Meridian. Simon is pleased to be there and thinks that there is a great show lined up, which is just as well. We start with… vlcsnap-00066

PINK SUNSHINE – FUZZBOX (17, STUDIO) A good song and one of the biggest hits for the all-female group (We’ve Got A) Fuzzbox (And We’re Gonna Use It). It features the frontwoman Vickie waving something around for the whole song which seems to be the large pin prop from the video. Oddly, Mark reveals that there’s going to be a TV cartoon series based on the group.


ORANGE CRUSH – REM (28, STUDIO) I think that this is their debut on the show. I’m not sure how familiar they were with the show, it seems after realising you could mime on the show a lot of bands independently of one another thought it would be a good idea to muck around and blatantly show that they weren’t singing live. Frontman Michael does this by jumping around with a megaphone. Simon famously declared afterwards that always likes some orange crush on a hot day but I doubt that’s what the song is about.


JOY AND PAIN – DONNA ALLEN (22, STUDIO) The highest climber of the week up 16 places, Donna has especially flown in from Germany to perform on the show and is complimented on her hat. I always liked “Serious” more myself.


Now it’s the Breakers… BE WITH YOU – THE BANGLES (31, VIDEO) The follow-up to “Eternal Flame”. IN A LIFETIME – CLANNAD WITH BONO (30, VIDEO) The week’s highest new entry. TILL I LOVED YOU – PLACIDO DOMINGO AND JENNIFER RUSH (33, VIDEO) Now it’s on to…

JUST KEEP ROCKIN’ – DOUBLE TROUBLE AND THE REBEL MC (16, STUDIO) Is he a yankee? No, he a Londoner. Oh, that’s the other one he did. Mark admires their stylish shirts and there a lot of lovely effects happening. That’s definitely raised the temperature in the studio.


I DROVE ALL NIGHT – CYNDI LAUPER (8, VIDEO) Simon can’t pronounce her name. A cover of the Roy Orbison song with a risque video.


RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM – SINITTA (4, STUDIO) Originally a hit in 1975. Mark likes her hat, but curiously he has less to say about her smiley earrings. There’s also a guy on stage with a t-shirt that says “KICK IT!” which makes two people in the crowd scream. Now here’s the big one…


SEALED WITH A KISS – JASON DONOVAN (1, STUDIO) His second week at number one with this golden oldie, which is interpreted by Jason and four women stood in a row. A repeat of last week’s performance. Time for Mark and Simon to go now, and they play out with…


I WON’T BACK DOWN – TOM PETTY (29, VIDEO) Hey, isn’t that Ringo on the drums? Well if you liked this review I will assess some more classic TOTP episodes soon.


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