Saturday Morning Memories – Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow.

Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow (CBBC, 2002-2006)

I stopped watching CBBC in about 1997. It was around the time of the relaunch with the new BBC symbol and I decided to stop because I was 14 by then and starting to feel a little old for it. I couldn’t exactly study for my GCSEs while watching Bodger And Badger could I?

But I do the remember among the last wave of new presenters that joined CBBC around 1996/1997 before I stopped watching were two young chaps called Dick and Dom (or Mr McCourt and Mr Wood as their mums call them).

They were rather good and they both left after a while. When the CBBC Channel launched in 2002 they were invited back to do some continuity introducing the shows. Someone must have liked them because shortly afterwards they were given their own Saturday Morning show and because I remembered watching them on CBBC about five years earlier I decided to give it a look. vlcsnap-00042

And I’m glad I did because it was rather remarkable. Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow (a play on the film title Ali G In Da House) seemed a straightforward show at first where they would introduce some shows and cartoons including Yvon Of The Yukon and inbetween they would play some games and do some silly sketches. Each week there would be six “bungalowheads” (pleasingly, they refused to call them “kids”) who would join in the fun. vlcsnap-00047

This all seemed rather good at first, but it was Dick and Dom’s presenting style and some of the ideas on the show that really made it stand out. Because, you see, Dick and Dom liked to laugh, and once they started, they never stopped. vlcsnap-00040

Practically everything that happened on the show was greeted by their laughter, but what made it great was that they seemed to think everything was funny, and both of them (especially Dick) seemed to hysterically scream with laughter at all the features on the show, from playing the silly games to introducing an old episode of ChuckleVisionvlcsnap-00041

This means that unexpectedly this made the show one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV, made even odder by the fact that the Bungalowheads just sat there silently bemused as Dick and Dom literally rolled on the floor laughing as another feature descended into chaos. vlcsnap-00792

My favourite series was the first when the show was still only shown on the CBBC Channel and it got very tiny ratings, leaving Dick and Dom to practically do whatever they liked. It was odd seeing the adults act more immaturely than the children, but there was no doubt that these two really loved what they were doing and had no embarrassment about looking silly (something that is very useful if you want to be a children’s TV presenter). Their policy on not wanting to have celebrities take part should be commended too. vlcsnap-00048

The second series was promoted to being shown on BBC1 where it really started to cause a stir. Dick and Dom also had a go into breaking into TV for grownups but it never really worked out for them there really. However, they continue to host lots of shows on the CBBC Channel, and although I don’t watch them any more because I’m now 31, it’s great to know they’re still around and I’d like to thank them for making me roar with laughter every Saturday with their Creamy Muck Muck antics in 2003.

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