Remembering UK Play – Part 1.

Here is the first part of my review of some of the original programming that was made for digital channel UK Play. I don’t know how many people will remember these shows because they are now very obscure but I promise you that they all existed and were repeated endlessly. I spent a lot of my teenage years watching Channel 37 on On Digital and enjoying these shows and I want to share those memories with you. Where possible I will provide pictures, some from my own collection, plus a few from some YouTube clips that I found, so credit goes to the original posters. Off we go…

The Alphabet Show. Described as “a mix between Sesame Street and CD:UK”, Lauren Laverne introduces some music videos that are all connected by the same letter.

Bob Downe All Over Britain. Camp Australian comedian and “The King of Crimplene” Bob tours the country visiting clubs to do daft jokes and meet lots of people.


Boy George One On One. Some famous people are interviewed round the vlcsnap-00009pop star Boy George’s house. They include Jonathan Ross, Rowland Rivron, and, er, Katie Price.


Cherry Pop. A show where music videos were linked by some up-and-coming comedians. They were the stars of the future, who presumably were never heard of again.


The Chris Moyles Show. The “roly-poly DJ” as he was always called at the time brought some of the style from his Radio 1 show to the TV. He was joined by his mate Comedy Dave who was dressed as a matador for no vlcsnap-00039reason. Chris would also be joined by celebrity guests who he would be vaguely rude to before introducing some music videos. The best bit though was in later series when he was joined by a random lipstick-wearing musician bloke who would perform songs that just consisted of him thumping a keyboard whilst shouting “I’m a crazy motherhubbard!” which bemused vlcsnap-00038even Chris.

Dream Performances. Lauren Laverne sits on a bed and introduces some classic live performances from a band.

Either/Or. A creepy game show hosted by Simon Munnery of “The League Against Tedium” fame.


Flatmates. A game show hosted by Sara Cox round someone’s house who asked people questions to find out how much people who lived together really knew about one another. Would they risk the end of their friendship to win a prize?

Fool’s Gold. A very odd show were some street performance artists did their mischievous thing whilst perplexing onlookers.

Footage and Mouth. A show where music videos were introduced with bizarre redubbed clips from the BBC archive.

Funny Noise. A show where comedians introduced music videos and told a few jokes, some in character. The likes of John Shuttleworth, Al Murray, Harry Enfield, Bob Downe, Phil Kay, John Thomson, Sean Hughes and vlcsnap-00033Simon Day turned up.

Get Your Hits Out. Lauren Laverne (again) introduces some music videos old and new.

Part two coming later…


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