Remembering UK Play – an introduction.

vlcsnap-00044UK Play was a digital channel that launched in October 1998. It was curiously renamed Play UK in November 2000 and closed in September 2002 due to poor ratings. The programming was a lively mix of music and comedy. I remember watching it frequently in the On Digital days and I have to say that it was one of my favourite channels of that era.

The programming included showing a lot of music videos, repeats of famous comedy shows such as The Office, The Fast Show and The Royle Family, and there were also a lot of original shows specially made for the channel.

I very much enjoyed a lot of these shows, and soon I will bringing you some articles sharing my memories of them. There is hardly any writing about these shows online and the viewing figures must have been tiny, so if you want to get something done you must do it yourself, and I feel that it’s time these shows had a reappraisal.

I have managed to do some research and have put a list together of 36 original shows that were made for UK Play. This will not be a comprehensive list of everything that was on the channel, but these are the shows that have stuck in my mind the most which I want to share with you. This means that I’ll split the article into three parts looking at 12 shows in each one, with where possible pictures from my own collection plus some YouTube clips.

I aim to bring you part one tomorrow so if you want to find out more about why I liked this channel and some of its best moments why not have a look then.


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